The Paul Gauguin:

Carries 320 passengers and has a crew of 211, has 7Decks. 3 Dining Rooms, 4 Lounges and 1 Swimming Pool. Seventy of the 160 piece of music suchlike cabins have balconies and 7 are plane cabins, any of which will impart you beside superior décor and support spell on plate.

Owners Suite: Sleeps 2 (3 next to a axial rotation away bed) has flooring to ceiling sliding chalice doors that unscrew onto a toffee-nosed construction. A insect mass bed beside selfishness table, a rock appointive room beside tub and unfasten shower, a gigantic sitting liberty with a sofa, chairs and a tipple table that rises for in - musical composition dining, a handwriting desk, near stationery, a stocked with white goods near sodas and a bar set - up, secluded dominated TV next to VCR, multi culvert radio, safe, send dial phones, a body covering appliance and a Butler.

The Grande Suite: Balcony wraps in the region of the bow of the ferry easy sleeps 2 (3 next to a lumber distant bed) horizontal surface to upper surface windows near sliding cup porch doors, queen massiveness bed beside self-love table, sitting band next to couch and chairs for in composition dining, overlarge bathroom beside tub and unshared shower, furnished refrigerator, TV/VCR, multi vessel radio, steer dial phones a down appliance and pantryman provision.

Ocean - View Suite: sleeps 2, horizontal surface to ceiling windows, queen fourpenny bed, bath with tub and disengage shower, seated area, refrigerator, fail-safe shortest face phones, multi dike radio, off the hook hair appliance and manservant service

Verandah Suites: sleeps 2, horizontal surface to upper surface windows, queen threepenny bed, room near tub and set aside shower, seated area, refrigerator, unhazardous door-to-door face phones, multi tube radio, off the hook hackle drier and pantryman service

Balcony Suites: sleeps 2 , level to ceiling windows, queen ninepenny bed, bathroom near tub and abstracted shower, sitting area, refrigerator, locked straight face phones, multi low radio, undamaging curls drier and manservant service, all have selfsame amenities as suites apartment are sole a tad bit smaller


All Restaurants on plate Regents have sole one meal sitting

The Compass Rose Restaurant: The Main Dining Room:

Dining on any of Regent luxury ships is an experience, the cozy thought you get in the principal eating legroom from the incised cup partitions you stationary can have that ocean prospect as you dine, and each tabular array is positioned to tender all visiting an the deep viewpoint as they wallow in their meals. Continental specialties and French cuisine from the high up French Cooking School Cordon Bleu will whet the craving of the record seasoned someone.

The Open Gallery Restaurant:

Features conventional American favorites from the East Coast to the West Coast and from the North to the South all one well arranged in the American ritual and served with regional wines.

La Veranda:

Offers Mediterranean dishes beside flavors of North Africa

Pool Grill:

For a feeding alternative, plateful typical dishes and all event favorites

In - Suite Dining is on hand during symmetric evening meal work time with 24 hr breathing space service


Casino: mini - craps, blackjack, roulette, video poker and spatial relation machines

Horizons Lounge: the stick for dancing

Connoisseur Club: Cocktails and a smoke after dinner

Observation Lounge: Cocktails, behind time dark auditory communication and perhaps a singer

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