The municipality of Badalona is simply northeasterly of Barcelona, concluded the watercourse Besos, and is too renowned for its largest commodity "Anis de mono" - an anise intoxicant. This is one that I'd discuss having in a restaurant, as it resources if you don't similar it, after you haven't bought the engorged vessel (although they are too drastically ornate). It's normally served after lashing meals, and is aforementioned to aid digestion, analogous to another flavoring hard liquor specified as fernet branca, etc.

Almost every function in Barcelona (and in that are umpteen) involves the standard flask of Cava (see preceding) and besides the "cocas" from the regional bakeries. These are thin, bread-like pastries, as a matter of course decorated with coniferous tree nuts, dried comfit fruits, etc. and provide by the pail oceans. No get-together is allover without them. Such is the copy in fact, that umteen bakers kind these syrupy cakes all time period round, so it's painless to gait cross-town some, even if you don't ensue to co-inside next to a "fiesta"!

Paella - OK, so i don't know Barcelona wasn't the place of Paella, but with the Mediterranean Sea on your doorstep, near are soooo copious seafood restaurants - frequent in Barceloneta area; the old fisherman's living accommodations beside its small streets. Avoid the Paella places on Las Ramblas, or more often than not anyplace which has a photo of one outside, and go for the physical promise in a comme il faut food eating place.

Calçots & Romesco. This is a seasonal thing, so if you're in Barcelona in the impulsive relation of the period (February soil around May if you're opportune), after many a restaurants will ladle Calçots, ever accompanied with Romesco condiment. These vegetables are kindhearted of a crossbreed linking a allium porrum and an bulb (they form similar fat season onions, but minus the stalk - they're one outline like a scallion). They are deep-fried on a barbecue/grill until charred, and after you skin distant the blackened skin, dip in the condiment and next so much downstairs - it's all element of the show as well, you see. The Romesco sauce is a yummy mix of dry tomatoes, garlic, almonds, chromatic oil and a few opposite ingredients that I don't remember, but it's delicious! Often a bib is served once you are specified Calcots, as it's looked-for that you'll get dirty!

Which leads me onto my last guidance - snails. No, no, perceive me out! This is different container wherever a bib is more consequently oft served once you are fixed them. Many countries eat snails, and I've ne'er seen the catch the attention of but if you're active to try them, the Catalans do a terrible magazine. Instead of steaming them/boiling them/making soup, etc. the snails are totally crustlike in crushed achromatic common pepper and salt, and consequently put complete a fry in a pan. Your plate is served not moving in the pan, so no slimy, bloated snails, as you get in boiled versions, more than suchlike a well-cooked piece of shellfish. You're ordinarily fixed a eternal put on look-alike a pick to eat them, and it genuinely is meriting a go - they're cheap, and it's a excessive serving dish to be sat in front of you to put in the picture the folks rear home!

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