Is this the early instance you've detected of a Feist whelp dog? You're not alone. Many empire aren't habituated beside this remarkable bloodline of dog that has been in circles for hundreds of old age in America. They're exceedingly renowned in the rural South, where they've e'er been prized for their unbeatable hunt skills.

The Feist is renowned as an above-ground forager and a treeing kind dog. They hound their quarry (small game, unremarkably squirrels) up a woody plant and keep it cornered until their maestro can arrive on the scene.

But don't have an idea that a Feist pup dog is lone for hunting, they create unrivalled fellow pets too.

The Feist sign applies to a contingent of dogs together with the Rat terrier, Mullins Feist, Treeing Feist, Denmark Feist, Kemmer Feist, and the Mountain Feist. The American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn't spot any of these breeds, but the United Kennel Club (UKC) does acknowledge one pedigree - the Treeing Feist.


Feists inventory in sized from about 15 to 30 lbs and 12 to 18 inches long. Their short, furry outer garment is universally achromatic near darker particolored patches - it's comparatively keep on the loose. Their ears sit utmost on their herald and they have the terrier caste muzzle next to a acuate olfactory organ. Many have head evening dress.


Feists are used to hunt in packs and thus get on fitting forfeit beside best otherwise dogs. All terriers can be a bit rackety and hyper at times, but you'll discovery that Feists are peacemaker and quieter than other terriers specified as the Jack Russell terrier. As beside any dog, research should set in motion proterozoic and be strengthened through their existence - this makes for a glowing pet and a jovial man of affairs. Feists are clever and need to be challenged and stirred on a systematic font to keep hold of them at their prizewinning.

Choosing A Feist Puppy

When going to go for your Feist puppy, exterior at the whole animal group. If one of the puppies in the animal group appears sick, go elsewhere. They are likely all carrying the bug - in the main the weakest of the animal group is most primitive to bear out signs of disease.

The opinion should be intelligible and bright. Make positive there's no secretion in circles the ears or opinion. Check the coat for any signs of sores or overt patches - which could signal vermin. Make positive you get any doctor accounts so you'll cognise how to speak with your own vet.

Dog Supplies

Before transportation your Feist whelp home, you'll have need of positive principal necessities - supplies and hose down dish, food, quid toys, neckband and leash, ectozoan and tick medicinal drug.

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