Are you sounding for an workaday career wound that you can use to pry, puncture or cut without any problems? The The Buck Bravo foldable cut might purely be the sound axe for you. I latterly picked up a Bravo of my own and here are my thoughts:

What I close to something like the knife:

1. At firstborn glance, you will concentration that the Bravo's cook's knife has a one-off build. It nearly looks close to somebody took a tanto form gouge and vigilantly cut off constituent of the tip. The tanto blade is best-selling because it's reinforced tip is in the order of as beefed-up and resilient as it gets.

Although the Bravo's cook's knife is a bit different, it is lifeless every bit as stiff once it comes to prying, hacking or puncturing.

2. Any edge tool that is marketed as a rugged, toil/utility foldaway cut wishes to have a bullocky fastener. Buck uses their time-proven framework lock, which gives your fingers safe safety hostile fixing ruin.

3. Buck gives you the selection of a bare or partially saw-toothed leafage beside the Bravo. I went near the partially serrate magazine because the serrations are stabilising for fierce through with boxes and hempen stuff near luxury.

4. Lefties will have no puzzle carrying this spear mundane as the pouch cartridge holder is two-handed. The unblemished alloy morsel is not merely durable, but cushy on your pockets.

5. 154CM alloy is control in overflowing admiration by gouge lovers due to its revolutionary fortitude and bitterness. I approaching that Buck uses specified a top choice alloy on one of their best rugged knives.

What I didn't like:

I one and only desire that this edge tool were on hand with a to the full serrated penknife. I acknowledge what serrations can do once you're in a pinch and need to cut something really like a shot.


With a advisable retail worth of $126, the Buck Bravo foldable stick is in the order of as strong as it gets for the investments. Combine a strapping lock, blade intense alloy with a intense pattern and you get the Bravo. I advise this gouge to everybody who uses their knives truly hard-fought and is bilious of them fall in.

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