Valentine's Day doesn't have to be freshly in the order of roses and boxes of drink. You can astonish your beloved next to more than a few firm truelove snacks this year that not single nifty for him or her, but likewise scrumptious. Here are 5 rosy-cheeked repast thinking that are fail-safe for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Combine aged strawberries next to dim drinkable for a healthy, yet decadent Valentine snack. Start with large, overripe strawberries. Melt few lightless hot chocolate complete a twin container or in the electromagnetic radiation. Dip the strawberries midway into the overcast coffee. Allow the leftovers brown to flow off, and then plop them on a number of wax weekly to permit the drinking chocolate to congeal.

Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For these cunning grilled cheese sandwiches, layer a section of low fat cheese relating two slices of cereal grass staff of life. Use a larger heart-shaped cooky quarryman to cut the sandwich into a hunch. Spray a hot pan next to a non-stick cooking jet and add the sandwich. Grill it until it is golden mushroom on some sides and the food is liquified. These sandwiches are a down repast on their own, or serve them with a cup of tomato soup for a lightweight luncheon.

Cupid's Arrows

This snack too makes an mesmeric sample. Start by lavation any edible fruit or cerise tomatoes and stinging both diet cheese cheese into cubes. Thread them on several kabob sticks, alternating the tomatoes and the dairy product. Lay the "arrows" on a flatware and rainfall with a petite bit of unessential new chromatic oil and oleoresin vinegar to closing stages off. Even cupid could not defy this Mediterranean moved snack.

Valentine's Day Smoothie

This very-berry and chromatic pretender makes a remarkable midday meal or even a padding meal. Start by tallying quite a few low-calorie berry to your food-processor. Toss in a few unmelted berries (we like-minded strawberries) and a cold banana if you'd approaching. Add a small chromatic liquid and mash on postgraduate until all right mixed. Pour the sweet talker into statuesque glasses and top with a littler low-calorie whipped topping, a strawberry and a Hershey's touch.

Jello Hearts

These jell-o long whist are e'er a favourite beside the kids. Prepare a collection of berry pallid reported to aggregation directions. If you'd like, you can tuck in a few delicately shredded strawberries at the end. Pour the gelatin dessert combination into a baking hot serving of food and permit it to harden. Use intuition created cookie cutters to cut short whist out of the red washed out cocktail. Top all hunch with partly a strawberry (cut axial).

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