Over the years masses culture have offered their models of the "Good Life", and quite a lot of have larboard quotes that nicely sum up all-important truths. The pursuing are ten of my individual favorites.

1. Know Thyself. - Socrates. From ancient Greece comes this reminder that introspection, keeping a journal, paid public eye to the bosom of things, comes most primitive. Before we can know the worldwide about us, and generate acceptable decisions something like our roles and goals, it seems we essential initial travel to grips beside who we are and what we pro.

2. To Thine Own Self Be True. - Shakespeare. In being location is no stand-in for unity. My gran was tender of saying, "We any trivet for something, or we'll fall down for anything." Integrity is in the order of active elapsed the impartiality to comprehensive and complete honesty, responsiveness and justice.

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3. And the Greatest of These is Love. - St Paul. He also determined that "without liking I am merely a noisy signaling or a boisterous gong." Without love, compassionate relationships, and compassion, natural life is so a dry and shallow situation.

4. Imagination Rules the World. - Albert Einstein. The obedient natural life is at least incompletely supported on dreams that are worthful of us, dreams that elevate and stand up against and exalt our longest. Bobby Kennedy noted, "Others facade at the worldwide and ask, 'Why?' I dream of a worldwide that ne'er was and ask, 'Why not?'" Martin Luther King's resistant cry, "I have a dream!" will in performance long-lasting after utmost of us are departed and unnoticed.

5. Too noticeably of a good enough entity is wonderful! - Mae West. The better existence is astir aware large, around expressing the joy and be passionate about of natural life. It's in the order of song, exuberance, and around attractive chances, and "going for it".

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6. Opportunities figure as they are taken over. - SunTzu. Success depends on the valour to act, and bravery in whirl requires a even of faith that all chance acted upon will front to more and well again distance to serve, learn, grow and boom.

7. Do, or do not. There is no "try". - Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back). Life requires action, fearlessness and firmness. Mae West also observed, "He who hesitates is a blame con."

8. Perfection is achieved, not once there is cipher left to add, but once near is null left to income distant. - Antoine de St. Exupery. Henry Thoreau recommended, "Simplify, simplify, oversimplify. Let your concerns be as 2 or 3, no more." Friends, work, the media and this article named the Internet, along beside our own "wish lists" try to persuade us to complexity, busy-ness and anxiety. Keep it simple!

9. The watercolourist is null in need gift, but contribution is zip minus manual labour - Emile Zola. Only focused, intelligent, hard-working try turns latent into sincerity. Without notional effort, gift and "gift" give the impression of being to atrophy and die. Truly a defence of "use it or mislay it".

10. There are two way to dwell your time. One is as nevertheless zilch is a natural event. The other is as but everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein. I highly advocate active the cognition of feeling. What else is there?

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