Not long-life ago, I went to an Internet Marketing Seminar. One of the speakers was John Reese, a man who set the Internet worldwide droning in August 2004 by achieving the amazing consequence of right finished a a million dollars worthy of sales in 18 work time. The product, Traffic Secrets, was all more or less driving aggregation to web sites in lay down to become particular and ultimately variety a lucre.

So what is the joint association concerning penning and internet marketing?

It's merely this: the motto that John Reese lives by - "Every effect is an asset".

You may be reasoning that it's extremely user-friendly for organism who made a cardinal bucks in smaller number than a day to say something approaching that. Undoubtedly, such results are an high calibre to him! But once you learn more in the order of John Reese, you discover that he tired eld find out what worked and what didn't carry out. Before he ready-made that million dollars, he started 'in the hole' - one 100 a thousand dollars in debt. Nothing he did seemed to labour.

John didn't make available up. Bit by bit, he accessorial to his hoard of scholarship and built his business organization. He doped all after effects as an asset: other chip to add to his budding aggregation hill - whether the report was suitable or bad. If thing didn't work, he knew not to try that once again. If something worked well, he adoptive that scheme as part of a set of his arsenal. He caterpillar-tracked results, tweaked and proven again, made mistakes and had successes. Then, a HUGE happening - a a million dollars in a day.

"Every conclusion is an savings."

Think something like that for a tick. Imagine what it scheme to your each day life. It has implications far right Internet Marketing - and far external penning. It's archetypal cousin to the speech "Everything happens for a reason". It's all roughly speaking study what building complex for you in vivacity. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone experiences snub. Everyone encounters roadblocks.

You can select whether to furnish up once the grades crash down stout of your expectations... or you can goody all outcome as a rich pane of figures.

Your relation or piece is rejected

After you utter and sweep a few doors and peradventure burst into tears, settle down fuzz and ruminate going on for how this end result can be an outlay. What have you learned?

  • Did you target the unsuitable market?
  • Did you submit a subject matter that is the incorrect length?
  • Does your romance involve added polishing?
  • Do the characters want work?
  • Do you obligation to introduction (or launch) a inscription federation to assist you profession out what you could be doing wrong?
  • Do you stipulation activity from a critique service?

If you're lucky, the editor in chief will supply you several feedback to designate wherever you power be active wrong. If not, you'll have to try to tough grind it out yourself - and you strength condition assistance to do that.

There are other than property that thumbs down can blackbeard you, too - close to how substantially you poverty to hold letters. Is your craving to jot sturdy sufficient to stand firm rejection? Are you prepared to put in the event necessary to polish your job and open market your work? Do you have the cheerfulness to elasticity spinal column after rejection - or would you be happier with other spare-time activity or job?

Belinda Alexander's Story

Belinda Alexander was desolate once she transmitted her 'chick lit' anecdote to causal agent Selwa Anthony and got a unbendable 'no'. After all, biddy lit was mercantilism good. Belinda meditation she could keep up a correspondence it OK.

Her cause didn't concord. She told Belinda to go distant and amount out what it was that she really should be characters. So Belinda did.

The arise was "White Gardenia" - a wide heroic tale of a mother and female offspring lacerated obscure by war and to finish reunited more than two decades later, after outflow geezerhood penetrating for (and lately wanting) all otherwise. Belinda's motivation was her nearest and dearest - tales of period bad luck and the plight of refugees.

This time, Selwa Anthony gave a rolling 'yes'. The fresh met near scalding approval and was a best-seller - and Belinda has saved her correct sound. For her, the apparently denial after effects of an initial refusal was a infinite desirable quality - it set her on the exact trail.

As a writer, you are active to unite near human activity - from editors, agents and sometimes from critics who pen gloomy reviews. You are going to say belongings you longing you hadn't aforementioned. You are going to hear property you don't close to from those subject matter critiques. You are active to get a 'no' once you direct in samples of your dedication in proclaim to protected a grant or a writer's residence.

At those times, remember: EVERY RESULT IS AN ASSET. What have you erudite just about yourself, your writing, your approach? Use what you swot to do a finer job of crafting your work, find new markets or deciding on a advanced way. Use both bit of noesis to shunt yourself more along the towpath to the results that you truly want!

(c) Marg McAlister

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